Teeth Whitening – Your Brighter Smile

Want a brighter smile? Dr. Chris Pickel offers advanced teeth whitening treatments that are quick, effective, safe and long lasting. If you aren’t getting the results you want from over-the-counter whitening products, such as toothpastes or strips, or if they are simply taking too long, schedule a “whitening evaluation” with us.

Dr. Pickel will evaluate the unique biology of your mouth and advise you on the best system and treatment for achieving the results you want.

Your Teeth Whitening Options

If you feel you would like to brighten your smile, please ask about your options. With either an in office or take home method, you can dramatically lighten your teeth.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?
ATeeth whitening is one of the safest and most conservative cosmetic dental procedures available.

Is it easy?
A The procedure is simple. The in office method begins with a short preparation to cover your lips and gums, leaving only the teeth exposed. We then apply a whitening gel to the teeth, which gently penetrates the enamel, breaking up stains and discoloration.

How does it work?
AThe whitening gel’s active ingredient is a peroxide based product causing the breakdown of organic stains that accumulate in the enamel over the years. Teeth also naturally darken through the course of your life. These stains, typically caused by tea, coffee, dark fruits, tobacco and red wine, are removed, restoring the teeth to their natural color.

How long does it take?
AThe complete in office teeth whitening procedure takes approximately 2 hours. You also receive take home trays to continue the lightening process and maintain your new, lighter color. Continued use of the product at home will lighten the teeth with no side effects. You are in complete control of your desired outcome, depending on how often you use the system.

How long does it last?
AWith proper care, your teeth will always be lighter following the whitening service and your smile should sparkle for years. To keep your teeth looking their best, we recommend flossing, brushing twice daily and using the home whitening system at least once a month. We’ll provide you with enough product that should last at least a year.